WordPress CMS Development

Every website is controlled by a management software. A user looking for the easiest way to manage a website will usually go with a CMS, a content management system, such as WordPress. WordPress CMS development gives the best of both worlds, a custom website, customized any way you like, and easy content management.

What is Word Press CMS Development?

WordPress CMS development is the design and development of websites using web development technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS for the user-facing part of the website(the front end) and WordPress(PHP) at the backend. In this way, the developer is able to make the website look and work exactly as they would like while letting the administrator of the website manage the content through a simple graphical user interface in the backend.

Getting started with WordPress CMS development

In the previous paragraph, we have mentioned the backend and the front end. To get started with WordPress development, you need to learn the technologies that are used in the development of both of these parts of the website. HTML helps with the structure of the website, CSS helps with the styling and JavaScript helps with interactions, animations and other customizations such as fetching data from different sources.

PHP is without the doubt the most important technology stack to learn if you would like to be a WordPress developer. It allows for your front end to talk to the backend and the database, all the while loading content dynamically according to conditions set by the developer. It is also an integral part of securing your website as well as tying WordPress together. In simple term, PHP is the engine that runs every WordPress website.

WordPress CMS development is challenging

Understanding WordPress CMS development can be challenging because there are a number of technologies to lean before you can become an experienced WordPress developer. That said, there are lots of resources to help you along the way. There is also a vibrant WordPress community that is always ready to help when you get stuck. That said, once you learn PHP, all that is left is lots of practice and you will be developing full websites in no time.

WordPress CMS Development - what you need to know
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