WordPress Development

With just a bit of effort you too can master WordPress Customization

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that is used to create blogs and web pages. WordPress offers free blog and web hosting services for users who register on the web portal. There are paid upgrades for those willing to use the premium version of the software. Learning about WordPress development may seem difficult before you begin, but once you do so, you will realise that it is not that hard. Having knowledge about WordPress development is essential in that it enables you to design, customise, and build your site or blog. You can also develop WordPress plugins, and use the software for SEO. Before getting started with WordPress, it is vital to be versed with some of the terms that are commonly used, such as WordPress Theme, plugins, and design. A WordPress theme refers to a collection of files that control the presentation and appearance of the content you write on your web page. On the other hand, WordPress plugins complement the themes by extending functionality or adding new features to websites. Once you learn about themes and plugins, developing a web page or blog will be easy, as everything revolves around them. WordPress makes it easy for you to create websites that are rich in content, with user-friendly admin pages. Nonetheless, there may be instances where the built-in options do not meet your needs, prompting you to come up with your own plugin, or modify a theme. Here, PHP would be helpful, as it allows you to customise your website to your preference.

WordPress opensource blog development

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